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Birthdate:Jan 1
Starkiller was the code name for Darth Vader's secret apprentice. A powerful, almost primal Force-wielder, he was forged by Vader into a lethal living weapon that the Dark Lord groomed in secret -- continuing the Sith tradition of treachery -- in a bid to defeat the Emperor and rule the galaxy.
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bail organa, darth vader, felucia, galactic alliance, galactic civil war, galactic empire, galactic republic, holodroids, jedi, jedi order, juno eclipse, kashyyyk, kazdan paratus, leia organa, lightsabers, maris brood, nar shaddaa, new republic, order of the sith, princess leia, princess leia organa, proxy, rahm kota, raxus prime, rebel alliance, shaak ti, sith, sith lightning, the dark side, the emperor, the force

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